A Twitter follower recently asked me if I would still see clients even if they were Trump supporters? I answered yes, however I would not see anyone who stays at a Trump property.  I refuse to step a foot into one of his hotels while he undermines America’s principles and democracy.

And if you are still a Trump supporter after four weeks of his presidency, I have one question for you – how?

Some of you were ignorant to think he would change tactics after being inaugurated.  Your argument was, “He’s just doing whatever to get elected. Give him a chance.”  Despite the fact that he showed no intent on changing his behavior.  He was consistent with his divisiveness on attacking others and stroking his ego. Why you thought he was magically going to change once he was in office, is well, stupid.

During AVN, I was fortunate enough to finally see Joey Kim perform at Beauty Bar in Downtown Las Vegas. I sat at the bar sipping my Tito’s and tonic, patiently waiting for the performances to begin.  The bar started to fill with more people and I passed the time scrolling through my Twitter feed to read the news posts from The New York TimesWashington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

I was reading a NY Times post, I believe, that was of course about our Orange Dictator.  The man next to me asked if I was a fan of our new president, and I immediately responded no, and that he was a joke.

We continued to talk, since the performance was still yet to begin.  He was well-dressed, mid-30’s, 6’4”, and from Texas.  Appearance wise, he was attractive, but then he had to open his mouth and by the end of our conversation, the only way I would have touched him is if he paid for me to hate-fuck him.

I was trying my best to have an informed discussion with him.  After much talk about how Democrats and liberals can win back their side, I didn’t want to be the angry, Millennial Liberal that no one wants to listen to because she’s too far left.  We do need to have discussions with each other if we want to try to get anywhere for the sake of our country.

We found common ground about jobs (after I repeated the unemployment rate under Obama), infrastructure, and people not taking advantage of the system.  But then we started talking about police violence and biases. After the Baltimore and Chicago Department of Justice reports, I find it ridiculous for anyone who wants to still argue that racial profiling does not occur.

Listen, we all have biases, but only some of us are able to recognize that we have those cognitive biases and decide whether or not to have those biases influence our behavior.

This Texan tried to make an argument that if I see two black men mysteriously hanging out by my vehicle, I am going to have a certain reaction, but if it were two white men, I would have a different reaction.  My point was that if two men were mysteriously hanging out by my car, no matter what their skin color was, I would be suspicious.

So then he tried to further his argument by comparing dog breeds.  “If you have twelve dogs lined up in a row, and one of them is a Pit Bull, you know the Pit Bull is going to bite you.”

“Uh, no.  You don’t know that.  I’m a Pit Bull owner so that argument is not going to work with me.”

Just assuming that a person or an animal is going to react harmfully based solely on appearance, is wrong.

Dogs actually helped teach me not to have biases towards people.  The only dog that ever bit me was a Cocker Spaniel, owned by the mechanic my parents used to go to.  He warned me his dog was not kid friendly, but I being a small child and convinced I could win over any animal still wanted to pet him.  I did not win him over and he snapped at my fingers.

But my aunt and uncle later got a Cocker and she was the sweetest little thing.  I learned then that it’s all about how a dog is raised and to not judge others, whether it be people or animals, by what is on the outside.

I really have a hard time understanding how people on this planet lack compassion.  When I watch reports on the Syrian refugees and they choke up about how they lost their home, their job, possibly friends and relatives, and they probably will not be reconnected with some of their family, I begin to tear up.  I don’t know how people automatically assume someone is going to be terrorist, especially when it comes women and children.  If you are really worried about a five-year-old, Syrian refugee coming into this country, I suggest you self-evaluate before blaming an innocent child for his place of origin.

Is it really so hard a task to try and reverse the roles?  Imagine we were at war and needed a safe place to go.  Everything you had is destroyed.  The only thing you have left is your family, if you’re even that lucky and no one was killed.  But then your family is separated based on where they have been assigned to go, and you are hated upon by others in your new country based solely on the fact on where you fled from.

The Texan’s last point was to give Trump a chance.  This was only the first day of his presidency.  I told him I would.  “I don’t want our country to fail, I hope he is going to do good things for the benefit of the American people.”

But four weeks in and I’m surprised I haven’t developed an ulcer yet.  Every time I get a notification from NPR or BBC News, I cringe.  It’s scary.  And how those of you who are still in support of him and are not concerned by his behavior, tactics, and administration, truly baffles me and makes things even scarier.

So yes, I’ll fuck a Trump supporter.  Only if I’m being paid.  Money is money, right?  If there is not an equal exchange of power, then there would be no exchange at all.