I’m an HBO girl. Well, HBO and Showtime.  The series they both put out, I am always quite impressed with.  I can’t get into all of them.  I tried to get into “The Leftovers,” I think I watched four episodes, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I was intrigued when they posted the trailers for “Westworld.” They had me at Anthony Hopkins playing the creative mastermind behind this world.  Plus, the Western setting which returns us back to common themes in American history and film.

I reposted Emily Nussbaum’s piece in The New Yorker, “The Meta-politics of “Westworld,” which is a much more comprehensive, intelligent explanation into this show.  If you have watched the first three episodes of “Westworld,” I suggest you read hers. Coincidentally, I just saw “Ex-Machina” about a week ago, which Nussbaum notes about “rebellious fem-bot anxieties” and is tied into the characters of “Westworld.”

My fandom of science fiction is based on “Ghost in the Shell,” “The Matrix,” and “iRobot.”  I’m familiar with Asimov’s ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ and because Artificial Intelligence is already a part of our lives, I feel this is a theme that is important for us to explore as VR and our ability to create keeps pushing the boundaries, that at a time, we did not think was possible.  The idea that A.I. can surpass us is a common anxiety, since most humans think we are the superior species on the planet given our consciousness.  But what does it mean to be human?  Are we even responsible enough to create life, which obviously is the question that is explored by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

I estimated it would take three episodes to really get into the show.  They had to set up two worlds:  a world that is not too far from where we are now and the virtual video game world.  I just watched the third episode two nights ago and yes, now, I am hooked.

Of course I’m appreciating the strong female characters, especially the ‘hosts’ as they’re called in the show, which are the cyborgs.  As they become more self-aware, they begin to realize they no longer have to be the victim and save themselves, instead of a man always coming to their rescue, which was always the case in the old Westerns.

I won’t go into too much detail since it is a new show and I think people have yet to check it out. But I would put it on your Sunday night line-up, especially since we are absent “Game of Thrones” at this time.


I’ll move onto “insecure” next.  The title I was instantly intrigued by, since I am insecure myself.  The character of Issa Dee being twenty-nine and not finding fulfillment in her relationship with her boyfriend, or her career, is relatable to all of us.

I was thirty when I decided to do porn and become an escort.  Working in a restaurant for fourteen years, I was thinking I really can’t do this anymore. And we’ve all been in a relationship where we love the person, but it’s just not exciting anymore.  Or you are her best friend, Molly, who’s single and struggling trying to find a decent man on every online dating site, but no one wants to date, they just want to fuck.

I tried Tinder after I broke up with my New York/Wall Street ex.  And yes, it’s just a fuck app.  Although, I did meet a beautiful, professional Canadian couple off there when they came to Vegas, and I still keep in contact with them occasionally.

I burst out laughing when Molly’s coworker announces her engagement.  At thirty-one, I’m bombarded every day with friends and acquaintances getting engaged, married, and popping out kids.  My reaction is a mix off, “That’s so great, congratulations!” with a little rolling of the eyes and thinking, ‘There goes another one.’

But “insecure” is a refreshing comedic take of young, minority women trying to figure out the next chapters of their lives.  I’m a fan of “Girls” too, since it explores the same theme, but the show starts as they’re finishing up college, and plus, they’re all White.  I like Issa being the “token” minority at her non-profit job. There are some things that White people just don’t get.

I’m going to write a show that features four women:  Asian, Black, Latino, and White Americans.  In mainstream, it’s always majority White or majority Black.  That’s why I like shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” on Netflix since it has a diverse cast.  And that is more representative of America.  But for now, I recommend both these new shows on HBO.

And don’t worry, I’ll be posting my thoughts on this presidential election soon.