This was too much to type in Twitter, but I thought this was an amusing exchange and again, proves my point, as always, that stupidity always wins.

A performer I had not seen in a while asked me what I’ve been up to.

I replied, “Well, I’m trying to take Organic Chemistry this semester, so this (referring to the AE expo) is not my primary focus at the moment.  But I’m going to be running the marathon and I’m trying to get the word out about that so I can raise money for the ASPCA.”

Her reply, “Organic is really good though.  I eat organic.”

I hesitate.  I know she’s not the brightest person, but I think to myself, ‘Doesn’t everyone know about Organic Chemistry?’

I decide that maybe she misheard me, so I try again after a few more words are exchanged between us.

“So yeah, Organic Chemistry is going to take up a lot of time.  I need to focus on studying.”

She says, “But the benefits will be really good though.  You have to think of that.  It’s really healthy for you.”

And then I gave up.

But surprise, surprise, she’s more popular than me.  People like her more than me.  She’s in demand to shoot more than me.