I notify clients that I need at least three hours to get ready for an appointment, if they are booking the same day. Hence, why I and many providers prefer that you pre-book. And many do not even take same day appointments and request 24-hours notice.

You may wonder why do we need so much time? First, if you are a first time client, we need to begin the verification process. And if we have to inquire to previous providers you have seen, they may not get back to us right away. I ask for at least two provider references, three or more is best, just in case I don’t hear back from one of them. Just checking with your references alone, may take a day or two for them to reply back.

Once the verification process is completed and even if you are a repeat client of mine, scheduling the day before is always much obliged. I can plan out my day based around when you would like to see me. Providers have lives outside of their work.

You prefer us to be fit and in shape, so maybe we want to go to a Crossfit class or go for a run before we get ready to see you.

And yes, now that I got into Crossfit, I am not available until 2:30 PM (M-F) at the earliest when I’m in Vegas.  (When I tour, that’s obviously different).  I go five days a week, Monday through Friday, in the morning, so I need time to return home, eat breakfast, and then get ready.  Working out is a stress reducer, and believe me, in today’s political climate, in addition to the aggravations one has to put up with as a provider/adult film actess, reducing stress is much needed.  If I lose money because you want to see me before 2:30, I’m okay with that.  Being fit has become important to me, and what’s the point of being your own boss and making your own schedule if you can’t do that?

Why do I need at least three hours notice? I’m assuming you prefer to see me freshly showered, shaved, and in full makeup. I know for many men you’ve never had the experience of putting on primer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and spending anywhere from 10-20 minutes, or more, on your eyebrows alone.  And that’s after getting out of the shower.

In the shower, I have to shampoo and condition my hair. My hair gets oily and greasy fast, so I have to wash it every day, so it’s clean and doesn’t look like I’m part of the Scavengers group in “The Walking Dead.”  Obviously, I have to scrub and wash my entire body as well, and let’s not forget shaving. I shave everything.  And to make sure I try to get every hair around my pussy and asshole, it may take me several minutes.

Oh, and I forgot another important step even before the shower. Giving myself an enema and making sure my ass is clean to fuck. Because I offer Greek, this is something I always do. Half the time people don’t bother to say they want that service, but do when they are in a session with me, so I’m always prepared.

And let’s just talk about anal for a moment. Rarely am I not able to provide it. Even if I spend half an hour or more making sure it’s prepped, sometimes my body doesn’t always cooperate. It happens. So don’t be pissed if I tell you I can’t do that. I’m assuming you’d rather not do it, than say, get shit on your dick. And even if you do, if there’s even a smidgeon of shit, please don’t freak out like you’re a ten-year-old boy. Shit happens. Maybe we’ve gone out to dinner with you or needed to grab something to eat between calls, so things get pushed and moved around, despite already cleaning my ass for half an hour before leaving the house. If I’m not confident I’m 100% ready to go, I won’t offer it to you, but sometimes shit does happen.

This is also why I do not charge extra for anal, as many providers do, usually charging an extra $100. (Hint, tipping me for this service is always appreciated because I do not charge extra.  It doesn’t have to be an extra $100, but at least a $20 would be nice and that would cover the cost of parking).  It takes some of the pressure off me if I’m not able to provide that service.  Only once have I not been able to.  And I did do the preparation, as I always do, but my digestive system was not cooperating that evening, so I informed my client, and he was still happy to see me.

And since we’re already on the subject of anal. Gentleman, if you want us to fuck you with strap-on, or stick a finger, or our tongue up your asshole, please have the same courtesy we try to give to you. I’m not into smelling your shit. I’m not even into shitting on people.  Although, I’ve gotten a few requests to do that. So if you think there’s something lurking in your rectum that hasn’t been expelled yet, please don’t make us fuck your shitty ass.

Alright, so I’m freshly showered, my ass is clean, my makeup is done.  Well, I haven’t even done my hair yet.  Just drying it and using a flat-iron, if I decide not to curl it, takes about 10 minutes.

Now to dress.  I usually try to figure out what I am going to wear before I do my makeup, since I often, if you haven’t noticed, try to match my makeup to my attire.  And because I’m not that flexible and I don’t have one of the tools to help me zip up my dress (I did just remember to order one as I was typing this), dressing could take me ten minutes.  Then I have to accessorize.  Earrings, necklace, what purse will go best, not to mention picking out the shoes.

If I have to switch purses, I have to transfer everything I am going to need into that purse.  Wallet, money, lipstick, a shower cap, condoms.

After finally cleaning my ass, showering, doing my makeup and hair, dressing and accessorizing, I then let my dogs out to the yard so they can have a bathroom break before I’ll be gone for a couple hours or more.

My three boys are always crated while I am getting ready.  I don’t trust them, particularly my “special dog,” Atticus, because he still likes to chew on things he is not supposed to.  Plus, I’m not going to leave them out in the yard unsupervised and especially not in the Vegas heat.

I let the kids out into the yard for 5-10 minutes.  If I’m in a hurry, I’ll let them out while I am getting dressed and accessorizing to save on time.

I put the boys back in their crates, and then I’m finally ready to leave.  I live about twenty minutes from the strip, so I also calculate the duration of my travel time into the preparation time.

Let’s say 20-30 minutes of driving, and then I usually self-park if I don’t have to valet, or if I don’t have a choice to.  Some hotels only allow guests to valet.  I know if I have to go to the MGM Signature Tower side, it takes me fifteen minutes to self-park and walk all the way to Tower 3.  And I’m a fast walker and there’s always a crowd of people I have to weave through.  So that’s another 10-15 minutes after I park to finally arrive at your hotel door.

Now some of you might argue that I do not have to do the full glam makeup I always do.  But even doing a light makeup look will maybe only shave off 10-20 minutes.  Since learning how to properly apply makeup and contour, I do not leave the house for a date without doing so.

You are paying to spend time with the sizzling, Asian persuasion porn star, not the boring, ‘Netflix & chill’ girl, you probably already have at home.

I took advice from the show “Secret Diary of a Call Girl.”  You are supposed to look your best.  That’s why I dress the way I do, that’s why I spend so much time making sure I present the image you desire.  I am not going to leave my house without feeling comfortable enough that when you open the door, you will be stunned and exhilarated by my presence.

Trust me, it’s been well over a year since I learned to properly do makeup, and about two years since I started escorting.  I do often think it is much easier to be a decent looking guy than a decent looking woman. Showering doesn’t take nearly as long, since many don’t have to shampoo and condition long hair.  Yes, you still have to shave, both around your cock & balls, but also your face.  But dressing is so much easier to do.  Everything buttons in the front!  And even if you do accessorize, you just have to grab a wallet and you’re out the door.

I appreciate those who say how beautiful I look without makeup, but would you really want me showing up to your hotel and paying me for my time without even mascara on?  I doubt it.

Plus, the years of being ingrained in me that I am not pretty by peers and society, does not provide me comfort.  And now the self-image issues are furthered by the porn industry who has little interest in shooting Asians, so my insecurities continue to fester.  So no, I will never show up to a date without makeup and my hair styled.

Please give me the courtesy of wanting to look my best for you and that I have a life outside of just doing this.  Patience and respect will result in a very satisfying reward, I promise you.