I have gone back and forth between wanting breast augmentation surgery since I was in my early 20’s.  I even went to a plastic surgeon for a consultation when I was still in Myrtle Beach.  He told me I have very nice breasts, which was obviously nice to hear, but that was the end of that because I needed to get the fuck out of South Carolina.

Girls and women with boobs get noticed.  That’s just how it is.  I’ve always had just a handful.  I was and am a little envious of women with great racks.  How their tits pop out of a dress, cute top, lingerie, or a bikini—eye catching.

But I also liked being able to wear cute things that my friends with big boobs could not.  I like that I don’t have massive ones that would lead me to have back trouble. My shoulder is already fucked up as it is, from carrying trays in the restaurant business for fourteen years.  And I like that they aren’t so big that they aren’t too saggy.

But I’ve always been a broader girl.  Before the trend of being fit and muscular really set in a few years ago, the beauty standards for girls were tiny and size negative 2.  I was never that, nor will I ever be.  I just have a broader frame.  I’ve made the joke a few times that I’m built like a tight end. Probably because if I was born a male, and played football, that’s the position I’d most likely excel at.

So I’ve always thought that I could pull off some full C’s, or even D’s, with my frame.   Nothing atrocious, like double HH’s, or some shit, where one boob is sitting atop of the other (my artist brain needs symmetry), but ones that will fit my body type and look fucking fantastic.

I’ve always said that I think fake tits look absolutely amazing, clothed, because of how they can pop out of attire.  But naked, they don’t always look so great.  It is hard for me to watch porn where the tits are so massive they’re flopping around like I’m watching the Discovery channel, or that the ripples from the implants are very distinctive.

Also, I love my nipples played with, licked, and bitten softly on.  They are pierced, they have been since I was nineteen, and so that’s the other thing.  You lose feeling in your nipples for a while, and I will have to take the piercings out before the surgery and leave them out until the swelling goes down.

And I agree real tits feel so much better than fake ones.  But for aesthetic purpose, which is the business I am in, I have found myself leaning towards wanting them.  I’ve also met several more women who have fake tits, in and outside the business, and they love them.

I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen if I get pregnant, because I am never reproducing. And I would be getting them for ME. They wouldn’t be for the boyfriend I do not have, my agent, my booker, but for ME.  I’m thirty-one, almost thirty-two; I think you can safely say I’m making the mature decision to get surgery.

I’ve met a few people who tell me, “Never get boobs.”  And I understand where they are coming from, since real ones are few and far between, especially in the adult industry.  I even said to my current agent when we first met, I would not get them done, for that reason.  But again, it comes down to what I want for my body, and what I want to do with it.

There are always tops and dresses I put on, that I feel a little defeated in.  One time, I went to bebe for some clothes, and I tried three things on, and because of the cut and style, they just didn’t look good because I didn’t have tits.

I’m a fan of Aspen Rae. Total girl crush on her.  My girlfriend turned me onto her a few years ago, and I’ve seen her transformation into this ripped fitness model.  She just recently had breast augmentation surgery, and some of her fans, I’m sure were sad to see she got fake ones.  But she looks fucking fantastic, she did before the surgery, and now I’m sure she feels even more amazing and confident with her beautiful breasts.

I realize I might lose some fans if I do get them done.  But I’m hoping my honest and sincere personality wins over everything, and they’ll keep being fans post-surgery.

Because I am horrible self-motivator, in regards to getting on cam, as I’ve alluded to several times, I had the idea to have my fans match what I earn each week.  This way fans get to see more of me because I’ll be online, and it motivates my ass to make extra money.  And I am not one of those girls who make 5K in a week on cam.  I think

I’ve been on cam twice since January until now.  I had set a New Year’s Resolution that I would at least make what I owe in rent each month, on cam, but like most resolutions, I failed.

Between now and the end of November, I would like to earn/raise 10K.  Things slow down around holiday season, so I think getting surgery the first week in December would be ideal.  And that way they are also ready to show off at AVN.

I can post what I earn each week on Twitter because I receive a check from Streamate. (Performers only earn 34.5% on paid chats on there, by the way).  And then if you are so gracious, you can send me funds via Venmo.  My username is @Nyomi-Star.

Just think about me with bigger boobs.  *Wink, wink.*