My wonderful engineer created my Twitter icon for me since I took a Photoshop class a few years ago and I recall nothing.  Plus, I was terrible at Photoshop.  Computer graphics + Me = Aggravation.

I did not even think that my breasts would be so offensive to be shown on my icon, until @BlackPipeXXX messaged me, informing me that my account may be suspended for showing nudity. First off, it’s Twitter, the social media outlet where we can show EVERYTHING.  Second, as a female performer we cannot help but notice as we glance over the tiny icons of new followers, the dick pics.  They stand out, no question.  So why have I seen so many, yet my nipples are obtrusive? Maybe their accounts have been suspended too, but honestly, there is at least one or more new followers that I see that have penis photos as their icons.

Again, I realize I am not the “normal” porn actress so this is my personal preference, but I do not like dick pics.  Not initially, anyway.  If I’m attracted to you intellectually, physically, and we’ve had amazing sex, then that’s when dick pics may come into play, but not before.

I started thinking about an interaction I had last year with a man I met last Halloween.  I met a friend in downtown Vegas and we went to the dive bar she worked at, at the time.  A couple men, one of them my friend knew because he frequented the bar, asked us if we wanted to party and we agreed to.  As we were partaking in skiing in the one guy’s car, the man I was sitting up front with asked to exchange numbers.  I was not interested, I was still getting over pseudo-ex #2 since we were still hooking up randomly, but being too nice, I entered his number into my contacts.

Luckily I did, because my friend left her phone in the backseat and they left after we returned to the bar to continue drinking.  I had to call him to ask him if he could come back and drop the phone off, so then he had my number.

Later that night, after we got my friend’s phone back, he texted, “Wat u due n,” followed by a dick pic. If I just met you and you text me that, you get deleted immediately.  I cringed at the misspelling and abbreviation of the English language, and then I almost threw up a little with the follow up.

So I completely ignored the daily calls and text messages that followed.  Perhaps, I should have replied back that I was not interested instead of ignoring him, but I thought he would have gotten the hint.

Actually, the day that I thought that maybe I should just respond back, after receiving yet another text by him, I then received a phone call that night while I was out at a bar with friends.  I did not see or hear the phone call in time to pick up, since I was at the bar.  Not even thirty seconds went by, I then get a text saying, “Coke head Bitch.  Go back to your country.”

First of all, I’m not a coke head.  I may partake in skiing every once and a while but I’m not a degenerate who spends all her money on blow.  Second, really, you are telling me to go back to my country when you are Black?

I know racism exists amongst all of us, but it’s always slightly more disappointing to me when someone of a minority perpetuates that hatred.  Don’t we get enough hate by just White people?

And I was just having this discussion with a client.  Even when White people in America tell me to go back to my own country, it just doesn’t logically make sense.  Because unless you’re Native American, we’re all immigrants.  And if we really want to be scientific, before there were seven continents, there was just one supercontinent called Pangaea about 300 million years ago.

Let’s not also forget the fact that I’m adopted and I came to this country when I was three months old. At that age, I did not have the cognition to travel and corrupt the core of America with my Asianness.

Now back to dick pics. Actually, I should mention that I would also not want to receive pussy pics right away from a woman either.  The mind is the biggest sex organ; we tend to forget that.  I think it is more exhilarating to be sexting someone I’m attracted to and have already fucked, than some stranger.  Because then you’re just another dick or pussy pic, and not a person, and the person is who I become attracted to.

When I was working at that incall location in LA, that woman ‘Nina’, hounded me about dressing more like a slut/porn performer.

I had an early appointment that first day, and I actually was not fully ready because I had only done my eyebrows and foundation.  I quickly slipped into a cute top and short, jean skirt because I didn’t have time to iron or steam what I intended to wear, and grab a pair of heels.  Luckily, the gentleman still thought I was beautiful and told me not to worry.

Nina got on my case though, and I told her I just did not have time to iron my outfit.

“What do you mean iron?”

“I have to iron my outfit because it’s all wrinkled since it’s been in my suitcase.”  Actually, the house didn’t have an iron or ironing board so I had to steam my clothes.

“I don’t get what you have to iron,” she kept repeating.  “Can’t you wear lingerie or don’t you have those outfits that come in those little boxes?”

I knew exactly what she was talking about.  I actually don’t have too many of those and the few that I do have, I did not bring with me because I was just on the East coast for almost twenty days.

We bickered for an hour. “I do not like to present myself that way when I initially meet someone.  You and I have different definitions of sexy.  My look, that works for me is classy and professional…, and sexy.”

Listen, I get that clients are seeing me to fuck me.  I understand that you’ve jerked off to me more than once probably.  My pussy and gaping asshole are on the Internet.  So forgive me for wanting to remind you that I am still a person, a woman, a smart, beautiful, and charismatic woman that would like to be viewed as more than just an object with three holes.

“How many repeat clients do you have?” she asked me.

“A few.”

“I have several.  You really should think about changing.”  She went on about how she looks at the success of the woman who was hosting/booking me and how she tries to copy that.  She attempted to insult the agency I was working with in Las Vegas, but that did not work either.

Coincidentally, she did attempt to work for my previous booker, but that lasted literally, a day. Knowing both her and my booker’s personality, I was not surprised that it was not a lasting, working relationship.

Note:  The agency I worked with before will be celebrating nine years this December.  I think he knows what he’s doing.

“You cannot compare my repeat clients to your repeat clients,” I told her.  “My clients may only come to Vegas twice a year, if that, and some, only once, so I won’t be able to give an accurate statistic on repeat clients since I’ve only been with the agency for a year.”

“How many reviews do you have?” Nina asked me.

“Twenty-five and only two of them are 8’s, the rest are mostly 10’s.”

“They must be fake.  You can only get 10’s if you do anal.”

Her pursuit to get me to dress like her, stopped there.  I do anal, yes, but I pride myself at looking my best and figuring out what the client desires.

If I’m in Las Vegas, I only do outcalls, that means I have to walk through hotels and I’m on display to the public.  Just like the clients want discretion, I also want to be discreet too. I want to look like a high-class courtesan and not like a cheap whore who goes up to vehicles and offers to blow you for twenty bucks.

When I tour, I do offer incalls, but I still want to present myself a certain way, and have the client think for a moment, what it will be like when I finally take my clothes off.

And once I’ve met you and we’ve enjoyed each other’s company, if you wish me to change into an outfit or engage in roleplay, I am more than happy to accommodate that request.

I am an anomaly.  I get that I do not fit into the stereotypical representation that people have of porn stars and whores.  So please remember that when you are interacting with me, and do not take offense when I do not give you the adage response you receive by most.

And if your first attempt to engage me in conversation is a photo of your genitals, I can 100% say you will be ignored.